Press on First Blood

Video - Reading "A Hollow in the Bones"
from the Fire and Mud reading in Ventura, CA, USA.

Westerly Magazine

"First Blood’ is delicate and shows that power can come from that which is fragile, bleeding, or in the process of blooming." 

- Amy Lin Read more here

Rochford Street Review

"First Blood illuminates, enthrals and moves. It deserves to be savoured."
- Dominique Hecq Read more here


"This is highly cerebral poetry that nevertheless hits you in the guts."

- Alison Clifton  Read more here

Writing WA

"Natalie D-Napoleon’s words go straight for the heart of the reader...."

- Writing WA  Read more here

John Kinsella, Poet

"'First Blood: A Sestina' is an unsettling poem...a critique of self and society in terms of the female body, a strong undoing of form working hand-in-hand with the application of that form, the sestina.” 

Debut Poetry Book
First Blood Front Cover.jpg

First Blood

In First Blood, Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize winner Natalie D-Napoleon brings us a collection of poems that challenge our preconceptions of girlhood. Girls are sung about the world over, yet the selfhood of girls remains unknown: ‘her body was not hers, a stitch / of animal, a pinch of dirt, a girl / is made of words plus liquid minus time’.


Purchase the book here.

Border Crossings Cover.jpg
Poetry Chapbook

Border Crossings:

Immigration advice for those attempting to

cross borders

Border Crossings: Immigration advice for those attempting to cross borders, is a pamphlet of poetry as advice. Through erasure poetry Border Crossings asks questions about our how we define ourselves, raising issues about our tenuous understandings of nationality, borders and the circumstances of migration.

These are poems both created and found. Revealing and concealing.

OUT NOW through BLURB Books. Purchase the chapbook HERE.

Recent Poetry Anthology
What We Carry Image.png

What We Carry: Poetry on childbearing

What We Carry brings together the voices of more than 60 contemporary Australian poets to provide accounts of childbearing that are both lyrical and embodied. Featuring diverse voices and perspectives on experiences of infertility, conception, termination, loss, pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period, this collection illuminates the endlessly different ways the potential to carry life is experienced. They provide powerful insights into the potential for childbearing experiences to shape us, change the trajectories of our lives, and teach us about what it means to be human. For after all, all of us were carried, at the beginning. Edited by Ella Kurz, Simone King and Claire Delahunty.


Purchase HERE

Erasure Poems

Los Cementeros 69 and Sound of Borders

Two of Natalie's erasure poems - "Los Cementeros 69" and "The Sound of Borders" - were published in Poetry WTF!'s Sculpture Poems edition. Read the poems here.



Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon (D-Napoleon) is a writer, singer-songwriter and educator from Fremantle, Australia who lived in the United States for a decade.


Natalie holds a MA in Writing from Swinburne University and worked a Coordinator at a Writing Centre in a city college in California. Currently Natalie is completing a PhD on erasure poetry and historic amnesia while also teaching writing at university. Her poetry has appeared in Cordite, The Australian, Entropy, Griffith Review, StylusLit, Southerly 

and Australian Poetry Journal.


In addition to he poetry, Natalie's essays and creative non-fiction have been published in Westerly, Meanjin, StylusLit, The Manifest-Station, LA Yoga Magazine, Larry Smith's The Best Advice in Six Words, and Writer's Digest


She is a two-time finalist for the Penelope Niven Prize in Creative Nonfiction, and her poem 'First Blood' won the 2018 Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize through the University of Southern Queensland. In 2019 she won the KSP Poetry Prize for "If There is a Butterfly That Drinks Tears". She has placed in the Tom Collins Poetry Prize and been shortlisted for the AALS, Antipodes Poetry Prize.

In addition to her literary pursuits, Natalie is a singer-songwriter who has toured Australia, Europe and the United States - with an album that made #1 on the AIR Record chart -



Natalie C.jpg


Night Stitches

Shortlisted | 2022 AAALS/Antipodes Poetry Prize

I've Been Dreaming About Eating Salmon

Third Place | 2022 Tom Collins Poetry Prize

The Contents of My Son's Pockets on Wash Day

Highly Commended | 2022 MPU International Poetry Prize 


September Days 

Highly Commended | 2021 OOTA Spilt Ink Poetry Prize


Campus Writing Prize | April 2021

If There is a Butterfly That Drinks Tears

Winner | 2019 Katharine Susannah Prichard Poetry Award

First Blood: A Sestina 

First Place | 2018 Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize  |  Australia


Winner | Annette Cameron Award for an Unpublished WA Poet | 2018 Katharine Susannah Prichard Poetry Award | Australia


Border Crossings: Immigration advice for those attempting to cross borders

Finalist | 2018 Laurel Review Midwest Chapbook Prize | USA


Finding Napoleon 

Finalist | Penelope Niven Creative Nonfiction Award  |  2018 International Literary Awards  |  USA



Finalist | Penelope Niven Creative Nonfiction Award  |  2018 International Literary Awards  |  USA



Nine Fingers

The Short Story Dispenser

(via Short Edition), Raine Square Perth, WA




Three Ways to Awaken Your Mind to Poetic Thinking

Writer's Digest

Six Lessons Learned from a Year of 101 Rejections

Writer's Digest

Ungraspable Loss

The Squeeze

I Used to Believe in Magic

The Manifest-Station



Farm Stay USA

Santa Barbara News-Press


Desert Art Magic

Santa Barbara News-Press


All You Need is Love

Santa Barbara News-Press


A Peddle Powered Van-cation

Santa Barbara News-Press


Street Food Fast

Santa Barbara News-Press


The Gaviota Coast: Last Jewel of Southern California

LA Yoga Magazine

Shaken To The Core

LA Yoga Magazine


Ghazal to a Mother's Love

Westerly: Caretaking 



Cordite Poetry Review

More Flies Than Stars

Westerly 67.1

Axe Marks In Tree Trunks

MONA Magazine

What We Carry: Poetry on childbearing

'On Becoming' and 'The Morning After'

Night Stitches

Antipodes Journal - Shortlist AAALS/Antipodes Poetry Prize


Singing Statistics from Rottnest Island (Wadjemup)

StylusLit (Issue 11)

The Crackle

Australian Poetry Anthology (vol. 9), Ed. Lucy Dougan.


The Weather in My Head

Bluebottle Journal

On Day One, We Will Begin Working



Definition wog (n); a thing

Griffith Review

When You Need to Start Again

Right Now

First Blood

In Your Hands (Red Room Poetry Anthology)

If There is a Butterfly That Drinks Tears

The Weekend Australian (Review)

Night-blooming Cereus

Cordite (Earth Issue)

A Hollow in the Bones 

Psalms of Cinder & Silt, Solo Novo Vol. 7/8



Mountain Secrets (anthology) (Ginninderra Press) Ed. Joan Fenney.


The Crackle

Kaleidoscope: The Colours of Katharine (anthology), KSP Writers’ Centre, 2019

The Labyrinth and the Thread

Poetry d’Amour (anthology), WA Poets


StylusLit (Issue 6)

Write an Island

Griffith Review (65)

No Box

Southerly Journal (Issue 78.2)

Family History

StylusLit (Issue 3)



Perth Poetry Festival

October 2nd, 5.30pm - Knowing Perth Canyon Reading for Red Room Poetry

Voicebox - Fremantle

October 9th, 3pm - Fremantle Library

Melville Story Lines Festival

October 11th, 7pm - Poetry at the Pub @ The Leopold


Beacon of Hope: The Human Experience of Conflict (Moderator)

Featuring Max Rosochinsky and Oksana Maksymchuk (Ukraine), and Hassan Al Nawwab (Iraq).

October 23rd at 4pm, Rechabite Hall (Tix $12)

First Blood - Sydney Book Launch

November 4th - Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf



Mission Poetry Series (USA)

2021 | November 13, 1pm (PST)

Experimental Poetry Showcase

2021  |  Sat, 20th March

WA Poets | The Queen's Building, Perth  | 7pm

Under a WA Sky - Eco-Poetry for World Poetry Day (Host)

2021  |  Sun, 21st March

WA Poets | The Queen's Building, Perth  | 6pm

with Josephine Clarke, Allan Boyd, Liana Joy Christensen and Soul Reserve

Shifting Sands Poetry Reading (BRINK Festival) -

2021  |  Mon, 29th March

Voicebox Fremantle, WA  |  The Navy Club, 7pm

First Blood Book Launch - Fremantle

Saturday, 19 October 2019  |  6.30pm - 8.30pm

THREEO  |  244 South Terrace, South Fremantle WA  |  Australia


Spring Into Poetry

Friday, 25 October 2019  |  6pm - 8pm

Albany Public Library  |  221 York St, Albany WA  |  Australia


Perth Poetry Club

Saturday, 9 November 2019  |  2pm - 4pm

The Moon Cafe  |  323 William St, Northbridge WA  |  Australia




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Professional Editing Services Available

  • I have over 12 years' experience as an ESL teacher, writing teacher and academic in the US and Australia

  • I've assisted students and writers for over 12 years to improve their writing and get published

  • I can provide:

    • big picture and structural edits

    • detailed line-edits and grammar checks 

    • or both for your manuscript


  • Extensive experience designing and facilitating workshops at a City College in the US 

  • Sold out workshops for WA Poets Inc.

  • Host and member of the Voicebox poetry collective

  • Host for Perth Poetry Festival Events


  • PhD in Creative Writing candidate (current)

  • MA (Writing)

  • BA (Hons)

  • CELTA Certificate

  • Working with Children Check

  • Member of Writing WA and WA Poets Inc.


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To contact Natalie directly:
ndnapo at gmail [dot] com
For press and media inquiries and material:
bld.personal at gmail [dot] com